Thursday, April 21, 2011

Workshops for Adolescents July 2011

After Successful weekend programmes The Chetana Keni Institute brings a 10 day workshop for adolescents. We promise you will have brand new children by the end of it!

This is a program for children who study in International schools, or NRI's on a special request since their holidays are in this period
Dates : July 01 - 09 2011 Duration : Everyday, 2 hours
Age group is 13- 16 years only , Total seats 15

------The Program will cover -------

  • Rapport Building

  • Understanding self (I me myself and the world around me)

  • Interests - Understanding what we love to do

  • Mental aptitude

  • Shaping a dream and goal setting

  • Alignment of Academics/Skillsets to Dream Career Guidance

  • Handling Relationships, Self/ Peer/Parents/Teachers

  • Gaining Independence - Learning to be self sufficient and self reliant

  • Group Counseling

  • Matching expectations between home and outside

  • Handling Distraction Drugs, Drinks and Sexual Relationships

  • Balancing meagre pocket money and expensive dreams!

  • Study skills

  • Time managemnt

  • Memory management

  • Notemaking and Notetaking skills

  • Examinations - before during and after

  • And many more such things as and when the discussions lead to them

The costing will be Rs. Rs 5000 per child. Siblings will be Rs. 8500.

Mandatory Prerequisite : Parents must be deeply involved in the children's upbringing.

The children can be thereafter connected with me when ever they need any sort of guidance. Normally all my counseling relationships are life long. Its a commitment.
Please email to book your seats.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Opportunities for Employment and Volunteering

Looking for passionate women with good communication skills in English to be a part of Aurinko. Interesting Learning Opportunities and Part-time, Full time positions available.
We also need Psychology interns, B.Ed interns for other programs under The Chetana Keni Institute.

Aurinko Academy Pilot