Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is Aurinko a Special School?

Aurinko Academy has evolved as a solution to create thinking minds, something that mainstream is unable to promote! Instead of waiting for the current edcuation system to evolve and understand the futility of rote, competetion and running behind big bucks.. Aurinko Academy has evolved a curriculum that will provide children a safe place to experiement, explore and enjoy learning.

During this process wherein the children learn what they like in the pace which they are comfortable with, using their strong learning channels ..lables like Dyslexia and LD disappear!

So yes we are an inclusive school, we follow alternative learning methods, we will not jon the rat race, we are more interested in the journey of discovering life's learning... But we are not limited to special needs. Parents who understand what True Learning means and understand this philosophy are welcome to bring in their chidlren and be a part of the Aurinko Learning Family!

We cannot assure the future, Well no one can! But yes Aurinkoites will definitely be ready for anything that comes their way in the future!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aurinko Academy Edcuational Framework

The Aurinko Program is derived from the AITA™ Approach that focuses on the Whole-Child. The approach identifies the strong bond between all developmental domains and recognizes that everyone is a part of the curriculum development process.
The Program ensures each child’s development across and within the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical domains in unique and individualized ways. Identification of the child’s levels at the entry point allows us to meet their needs and scaffold their learning in ways that will support their educational journey and life goals.

Our Curriculum is integrated, emergent and learner-centered. The content areas are integrated and interdependent. The Learner Profile which forms the core of our Curriculum Framework consists of the child’s background, developmental needs, abilities, interests, intelligences and learning styles is an important decision factor while we try to meet grade-level benchmarks. A structured lesson plan is executed in an unstructured manner to enable the children learn and express in ways that are conducive to their Profiles. Learning is integrated across all content and is deepened with the integration of specialist teachers.

Our child-centered curriculum ensures that the curriculum fits around the child’ needs to allow a flexible and enjoyable learning experience

The Aurinko teacher is a facilitator of learning, rather than a director. They have one goal in mind, to plant a wish in the child’s mind – to learn, to love himself and adapt to the community. The children socially co-construct knowledge with each other and adults and child development is an integral part of this social context. The children are active participants in their own learning and the curriculum emerges from the interests, past knowledge, and experiences of the children and teachers. Learning becomes an active process and focus is upon the learner rather than on the subject or lesson to be taught.

Aurinko Academy has a unique concept that encourages, supports, values, and promotes joy of learning, creativity, perseverance, playfulness, true integration, and community learning. We are interested in the journey of learning, in children being free, fearless while exploring and connecting with the subject matter that motivates and interests them and utilizes their unique capacities.

At Aurinko, we donot provide mainstream edcation with adaptations. We provide an education that will spur the mainstream to adapt! This makes us stand apart... as perhaps the only school in the world! Dyslexics pull up your collars... This is an elite club for you!

Aurinko Academy Pilot