Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Chetana Keni Institute @ Koramangala

We are pleased to start the following services in partnership with Octave Hearing and Speech Centre at Koramangala.

Counseling for Parents, Teachers, Children in the areas of Learning, Behaviour and Relationships
Psychological ( IQ ), Educational Assessment for Academic Skill sets, Learning Patterns, Learning Stlyes and Multiple Intelligences.
Remedial Services for Dyslexia, Mild Autism, Perception Enrichment, Behaviour Management ( LD/Dyslexia)
Adolescent Counseling - Career, Personal, Social, Emotional, Academic and Relationships
Advice for School Placement, School Remediation Program, IEP formulation

Address: 753, Block 3 , 8th main, Kormangala, Sevasadan Road, Take turn adjacent to St. Francis School Phone 08040929488

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