Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend Workshops for adolescents and parents

Study Skills Workshop
· Understanding brain
· Effective Learning
· More Memory
· Exam Secrets
· Note making and Note taking
· Time Management
· Balancing friends and study
Age 10-16 (2 groups) Batch I – April Batch II – May 9am-10am Rs 1250/-
Counseling Workshop
· Motivation
· Handling peer pressure
· My relationships
· Health and hygiene
· Self awareness
· Social responsibility
Age 10-16 (2 groups)Batch I – April Batch II – May 9am-10am Rs 1250/-

My Growing Child Workshops for parents
· Managing behavior
· Sitting down to study
· Time management
· Teaching reading and writing
· Teaching spelling and math
· Me and my time
Age 10-16 (2 groups)Batch I – April Batch II – May 9am-10am Rs 1500 single/ Rs 2500/couple

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Admissions open for children with mild/moderate Dyslexia Grade 1-5

I have set up a Resource Centre in ZEE School which will cater to children with Dyslexia/Learning Difficulties. The school has an excellent management which truly believes in inclusive education. We will be giving about 15 admissions for these children from Grade 1-5 in the academic year 2010-11. The resource room promises full support and guidance for these students, their parents and teachers. Kindly spread the work around and help me reach out to these children.

After School remedial Sessions are now open for Dyslexic children in the age group of 5-16 years for ICSE/CBSE/IGCSE and State Syllabi.
Weekend Workshops are also open for Parents and Teachers to understand how to teach Reading Writing Math and Spelling Skills to Children.
Group Counseling sessions for adolescents on weekends in progress. Admissions open

The workshops and group counselling are open to everyone and not only for people interested in Dyslexia.

Email me to sign up!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Remedial School and After School Remedial Education for Dyslexics

My vision of starting a Remediation School for children diagnosed with learning difficulties is finally taking shape. The school will be based in HSR Layout, Bangalore for children in the age group of 6-16 years . It is a form of alternative schooling where you come to get your basic skills and continue to either homeschool or mainstream. The program can be extended to homeschoolers if they want an assisted collective learning environment for the academics. Different time slots and days can be worked out.

I am a Special Educator and a School Counselor working with children with Learning Difficulties. I have also homeschooled my gifted son with Specific Learning Difficulties in Reading, Writing and Spelling for three years after which he has decided to join school again for social interaction and collective/collaborative learning opportunities which was difficult for me to provide.

However the 3 years of a Total Remediation Program helped him to cope up, regain confidence and also complete 5 grade levels in English, Math and Science.

Coming back to the Remedial School, the emphasis will be on helping these children to pick up the 3R’s using techniques which I have designed, tried and tested in the past four years. Our advisory panel consists of Special Educators who have worked with LD since the last 20 years.

Children with LD have average to above average intelligence and generally do not fit into the mainstream because of the one size fits all curriculum and rote learning. In my experience these children learn and want to know the Why and How of anything they are asked to learn and learn best when these questions are answered.

The School will share the campus with a mainstream concept school run by a well known group who are into education from several years. They use innovative teaching methods drawing upon the multiple intelligences of the child. The curriculum is also delivered using a multisensory approach like LCD Projectors and Videos etc.

Parents of children with LD will have a choice to either place their children for a total remedial program at the Remedial School or elect for a mix of the mainstream school with remedial assistance. A stop gap arrangement also is available where children from other schools can take a few months or year off from their regular school and attend here. Homeschoolers who would want to continue with homeschooling can choose the earlier program. The Remedial School will run from 9 am to 2 pm.

In addition we are offering an After School Remedial Program for children attending any other mainstream school and who need help in specific areas like Reading, Spelling, Written Expression and Comprehension. Special Study Skill workshops and Group/Private Counseling is also offered for adolescents
The curriculum is being designed with the CBSE guidelines which will have a total remedial base. This is to help children build up the required concepts right from the beginning to enable them to successfully appear for the Open Schooling/IGCSE exams. Children can also elect to seamlessly move into a mainstream school when they feel they are ready.

If any of you need more details kindly email me at Volunteers, Teachers and suggestions are also welcome.

Chetana Keni

Aurinko Academy Pilot