Friday, March 4, 2011

Schooling, when your child is diagnosed with Learning Difficulties

Come March, the year is ending and you have just finished the meeting with the Principal- something that you have been dreading since the last few months!

They send your child for an Educational Assessment. The Psychologist confirms he/she has a learning disability.

You have been referred for Remedial Classes. Your quest to find a cure is giving you sleepless nights.. the one question on your mind is "How long will it take?"

I meet several parents like this day in and day out.. Here's what I advise...

Firstly lets get it straight - Your child has a learning difference, he learns differently. The system doesn't suit him as it doesn't take his learning preferences/styles/needs/pace into consideration. The system says the child has a disability. From the child's perspective, the system has a disability.. a teaching disability.

Secondly When there is nothing "Wrong" with the child, there cannot be a Remedial for him.. that's the wrong approach. Now since the existing system has a disability , it needs a remedial. That's Mr Kapil Sibal's job and it will take time!

Thirdly, there is no time limit..These children cannot receive a handy plast in the form of Remedial and then left to face the mainstream education waiting for failures to happen. Instead they need a learning environment where each experience is exquisitely carved for them, each topic is taught in the way they learn, each day moves at their pace. In short a structured unstructured curriculum!

At this point usually parents ask me" But he is only 6 or 8 (whatever!)!. Can we continue in the mainstream for a couple of more years and then check? "

Well you can try! But its going to be like how you feel when you are wearing ill fitting shoes or clothes. You will wait endlessly to get out of them. Your focus will not be on enjoying the feel of these.. You will focus on how you can get out of it. You will just want to get done with the job that you have set out for and get home ASAP!

This is why so many children want to get out of schools, just finish it, learn for the sake of getting a degree/job or whatever (like getting a share of fathers property - if that's what you threatened him with!)

So now, Is this post to market Aurinko Academy? Well no! I don't believe in pulling people without them fully knowing what they are getting into. But yes, if the above post makes sense and you understand that your child is ready for an Aurinko Environment.. then surely we can help you.

So as I sign off to all these parents who come to me " Aurinko has the solutions for your child...We are willing to help, to wait. Because we are interested in helping your child and we will do so.. whenever he comes. Our doors are always open. However, you decide the number of bruises, the number of failures, that you want your child to go through while you decide to experiment!


  1. Amazed to see that how well u have understood the parents doubts and pshycology.Had been searchion for schools which think differently and who dont give pressure for marks.There is a hope now that atleast our beducation system would change and take a new form in best wishes for the genuine work u r doing.

  2. I like this statement "The system says the child has a disability. From the child's perspective, the system has a disability".

    Now I realize that I saw your blog bit late. I already experimented with my nephew for 8 years in conventional school. I should reach your institution soon.

  3. Hi Siddesh Please do visit us. We would truly want to be involved in these children's lives whether in or out of Aurinko!

  4. I hope I am not too late for my son 13 yrs of age


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