Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aurinko Academy on Suvarna News Channel 2012

Aurinko Academy is back in the news again!

Suhasini – 15 Oct 12

This time the focus was on the school, its philosophy, its methodology and the curriculum.  We have been emphasizing since long that every child is special and the methodology at Aurinko Academy helps us to cater to every child. When a child enters Aurinko all the disabilities disappear. So what remains is the child and the special curriculum!

With our aim clear and the efforts maximum, the tag of special school has been eliminated!

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  1. Thats really wonderfull, and its true that every child is special most importantly the childs suffering from certain dissabilities, aurinko is realy doing a great job by taking the effort to run such school for the special ones..
    Ananthan R
    Speech and Hearing Clinic in Bangalore

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